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Everglades Youth Conservation Camp


Program selection is based on the child’s grade level for the current school year before summer starts.

Wildlife Adventurers (3rd - 5th grade)
The Florida Everglades abounds with secrets and wonders! Campers spend action-packed and fun-filled days exploring fields, marshes, and forest ecosystems discovering the hidden mysteries of the Everglades as a scientist. Campers journey into these ecosystems using a variety of scientific tools to identify different plants and animals and discover the adaptations that allow these organisms to survive in the south Florida environment.


Eco-Equestrian (3rd – 5th grade)
Children need the chance to grow in a healthy, nurturing environment. Horsemanship provides a unique opportunity to develop skills such as responsibility, leadership, teamwork, compassionate assertiveness and self-reliance. Our Horse program is filled with fun and excitement for the newest-beginner to the more advanced rider. The main focus will be HORSES -- daily lessons, trail rides, and horse care. This will be an off-site morning adventure for the campers. Campers will be required to wear heeled shoes (such as boots) and long pants. Riding helmets will be provided. Additional camp fee of $200 required.

Anglers (6th – 7th grade)
Come cast a line with us! Campers participate in our fishing and boating program. This program provides valuable instruction regarding fish and their habitat, teaches various fishing techniques, and cultivates a new crop of responsible anglers. All aspects of fishing are covered, including fish identification and biology, boat navigation, and angling techniques. Jon boats with electric motors will be used to explore areas of our ponds not accessible for shoreline fishing. Campers gain an appreciation for the sport of fishing, as well as the knowledge required for ethical angling. The week will conclude with a fishing tournament at an offsite pond located near the Corbett property.


Trail Blazers (6th-7th grade)
Come blaze a trail with us! The Trail Blazers program provides campers with an opportunity to explore and participate in an overnight wilderness camping experience. Campers learn and practice a variety of skills, such as wildlife tracking, basic knot tying, shelter building, orienteering, equipment preparation, and advanced canoeing skills. Camper’s canoe to their campsite where they learn to maintain a camp, practice fire safety, and prepare their own meals. As nighttime falls, campers wrap up the day with wildlife viewing, storytelling, songs, and laughter around the camp fire. 

Paddlers (6th - 8th grade)
Florida is a mass of waterways! Campers in the Paddlers program will have the opportunity to paddle a variety of vessels including canoes, kayaks and paddleboards as well as learn about the importance of water conservation. They will receive instruction on boarding and debarking, strokes, and basic water rescue techniques to help them gain confidence in the use of these vessels. By learning to use this equipment safely and develop the skills to maneuver them successfully, our campers will gain a love of paddling and the desire to explore Florida waterways.


Pathfinders (6th -7th grade) – formally called the Rangers program
Become certified in hunter safety! Campers participate in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Hunter Safety Certification program learning about outdoor ethics, wildlife conservation, habitats, wild game, and hunting skills. Classes are led by a certified hunter safety instructor in a controlled environment. Pathfinders are instructed and supervised in the use of shotguns, muzzleloaders, .22 rifles, and archery. Successful course completion awards campers the Florida Fish and Wildlife Hunter Safety Certification Card.

Explorers (8th grade)
Two nights camping at Jonathan Dickinson State Park! Campers will develop an intimate bond with nature and training in outdoor living skills by learning to make responsible decisions in preparation for minimum impact wilderness camping. They will acquire the skills of orienteering, outdoor food preparation and cooking, knot tying, camp crafts and weather monitoring. The campers will gain an understanding of the impact of these activities on the environment and gain a conservation ethic while living comfortably in a one-of-a-kind outdoor environment. Explorers will canoe the Loxahatchee River to Jonathan Dickinson State Park and camp for two nights at their Youth Campsite.


Mariners (8th grade)
Kayak and snorkel in marine environments! Our Mariners program transports our oldest campers to a number of coastal locations for exploration of the marine environment. Through frequent snorkeling sessions, they learn to identify plants and animals unique to saltwater environments and observe interrelationships. Water safety is the top priority of our certified instructors. Campers must be able to swim and provide their own snorkel equipment. Additional camp fee of $50 required.

Rangers (8th grade)
Perfect your shooting skills! Campers who have already completed the hunter safety course can participate in this advanced shooting sports program. Campers will spend their day enhancing their skills with shotguns, .22 rifles and archery. In addition they will traverse our 3D target course giving them the opportunity to shoot from various positions, heights, and over obstacles using bows and BB guns. (Pre-requisite for this program is the completion of the Hunter Safety Program.)


EYCC Leadership Camp (9th – 12th grade) – formally known as the Junior Counselor program
The EYCC provides a volunteer opportunity for high school students to assist with various tasks around the camp during the summer season. The leadership camp utilizes high school students to help in the dining hall as well as assist staff to ensure campers have a fun-filled and exciting time at camp. All leadership campers will receive training about the programs we offer, how to interact with children, and the various roles of staff required for a residential camp. 80 Community Service hours are awarded for the two weeks of volunteer service to the camp.









Operational nearly 50 years now on FWC's Corbett WMA, the Everglades Youth Conservation Camp has provided 1 week, residential, wildlife-oriented camping experiences for boys and girls, ages 8 to 14. About 25,000 campers have attended programs at the Youth Conservation Camp to date. In 1995 the Youth Conservation Camp expanded to a capacity of 96 campers per week and there is STILL a waiting list to attend! And today the Youth Conservation Camp is as popular as ever. It has had a profound effect on many young lives. In addition to the wildlife conservation knowledge and experiences they acquired at camp, many campers later went to work at the Commission Everglades Youth Camp, some even became full-time Commission employees.

In addition to the summer camp, the Everglades Youth Conservation Camp also provides for diverse public use, which have included frequent hunter safety courses, bow hunting courses, firearms familiarization courses, youth hunter education challenge (advanced hunter safety), boy and girl scout groups, school programs, Becoming an Outdoors Woman programs, National Wild Turkey Federation's Women in the Outdoors program, and county school programs.

The site features a trailhead to the Florida Trail and includes an additional hiking trail and boardwalk through the Hungryland Slough.

Strong working relationships exist with a variety of conservation stakeholder groups who volunteer thousands of hours to maintain the camp and assist with programs for youth.

This camp is an American Camp Association accredited camp.


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