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We meet 7:30 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Building located on the north side of Northlake Blvd. one mile west of Beeline Highway.

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Meeting Minutes

Florida Sportsmens Conservation Association March 10,2015 regular meeting minutes;

Regular meeting was held at F W C headquarters on Northlake Boulevard; Meeting was called toorder at 7:33 PM 

Pledge of allegiance was first on the agenda

Motion made by Murray Powell and seconded by Lauresa Musgrove to approve last months meeting minutes  


Welcome new members Bear Slater and congratulated the new chairman of the board Billy Boatwright 


Old Business, Meeting Update;


1. Dupuis WEA Youth Gator Hunt, Steve Stroh reported on the hunt.  All three boys harvested agator, two 6 1/2 footers and one 7 1/2 from the L8 Marsh. All youth hunters had plenty of opportunity the wind created some challenge but overall everyone was successful. The highlight of the hunt what was the buggy ride through the WEA thanks to all the volunteers who worked this wonderful opportunity.


2. STA 2 Youth Gator Hunt Huntmaster Lauresa Musgrove reported on the hunt; two girls and three boys were lucky enough to harvest their first alligator.  Congratulations to them and all the volunteers who worked this wonderful opportunity. Thanks to Gerald Motes for hosting the Camp headquarters and Sawgrass Recreational Park for donating their big boat to bringing everyone to camp Friday night.


3. Panther PRIT meeting Todd Hallman reported things are moving slow, there was a Rancher appointed to the team Lindsay Wiggins. Primary focus is to introduce a female panther north of the Caloosahatchee River, they’re also looking to make panthers all one species not a sub species such as the Florida Panther. Next meeting will be in May 2015.


4. PB Airboat Halftrack Conservation Club show.   Tom McCwatters reported things were wet and wild and thanks to all the volunteers who worked the FSCA booth. Saturday was a washout with 6 inches of rain not much happened but Sunday things picked up we made $217 on FSCA basket of cheers and signed two new members. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to support and check in to see what all is going on.


5. Safari Club International Banquet.   Bishop reported that everyone had a great time and they raised money for a good cause like always. Bishop was honored and thankful to receive their Ralph Johnson award, Big winner of the night was Caroll who also won a beaver coat on the silent auction and the door prize. 


6. ECC meeting held March 5, 2015 that Todd & Bishop attended at the Panther NWR new headquarters located in Immokalee off of Highway 29. Kevin Godsea (refuge manager) gave us a tour of the property so we could see firsthand of how beautiful this land is and why John D. loved it so much. We did not see any invasive exotic plants just a lot of swamp cabbage that needs to be removed because of the hydrology the Sabal Palm has taken over abundance of the Upland. 


Because of the location of this meeting we are privileged to have FWC Commissioners Liesa Priddy present seeing how she only lived down the road also Dennis David from the National Wildlife Refuge Association along with FWC regional Directors Tom Grief and Ernie Marks.


ECC President John Rosier called meeting to order where we discussed the background Sportsmen’s have built in the last five years with US Fish and Wildlife Service. ECC is happy with the progress we’ve made and the access Sportsmen’s have gained, understanding the process is very slow but it’s the only way we can prevent lawsuits from anti-hunting organizations.


CCP is moving along we’re hoping to see a draft plan some time in September 2015, ECC is pushing for more public access. Today the refuge has no consumptive recreational opportunities we talked about ways to change that with this current plan. 


Sportsmen’s would like to see some fishing opportunities within the current Panther Refuge plan. Like always Sportsmens are willing to give their all to make public property the best it can be, after all we’re helping to pay the bills. Sportsmen’s are always willing to pay it forward for that reason we would like to schedule a work party day to remove some of the Sable Palm with in Panther Refuge. 


This area has not been hunted or fished in over 25 years, there was long discussion of the different types of wildlife within the refuge and how it was currently manage today not only for wildlife but it’s pristine habitat. Sportsmen left the meeting with an open mind and hopefully a new relationship with the Panther Refuge.


7. KRVSA Freedom Ride Scott Sommers reported great time had by all, large turnout of Airboats no mishaps and everybody had a good time. 


New Business and Upcoming Events

1. Grassy Island Turkey hunt, Bishop will be the Huntmaster for this years hunt. FWC, Brian (hog trap), and SFWMD have been notified all the hunt guides and children are set for the weekend of March 27 through the 29th.


2. Broward County Airboat and Halftrack Conservation Club Airboat show Todd reported that he’d be down there for the entire weekend and could use some help manning the booth. FSCA planned to support the club and do the Basket of cheers like we did at the Palm Beach show.


3. WRAC/REC meeting Mark reported that the meeting is scheduled for March 16 at 5 PM, SFWMD headquarters on Gun Club Road. Encouraged everyone to attend like always these are very important meetings to keep recreational opportunity alive within the district property.


4. FSCA Banquet is set for May 9, 2015 and will be at the Elks Club in Jupiter same as years past, Caroll will give an update the next regular meeting.


5. FSCA Annual JW Corbett WMA clean up is set for April 19,2015, once again it will be part of Palm Beach County Great America clean up. Joe Pasint is the Chairman we will be meeting at camp B and lunch will be provided by the Friends of Corbett also at camp B.


6. Everglades cleanup is set for April 25, 2015 in conservation Area 2, Billy Boatwright is the chairman and will be cleaning trails on the western border of Lox Road boat ramp. We are in the planning stages of getting permission from SFWMD, should have it by the next meeting in more details.


7. KRVSA’s annual Cleanup of Lake Kissimmee, will be held on Saturday, April 11, 2015.  Event has been moved from Thomas Landings to Shady Oaks Public Recreation Area. Shady Oaks is located off Grape Hammock Rd., which runs North from Hwy. 60 almost directly in front of the entry to Westgate River Ranch Resort. KRVSA will provide one free lunch for each bag of trash brought in. Lunch will be served at noon, where they will have an auction and raffle off their airboat.

8. Huntmaster Dinner is scheduled for March 13 at the Everglades Youth Camp encourage all huntmasters to attend and meet Jonathan Roberts the new youth director.

9. Second round of nominations were held and votes were cast for conservation award that will be presented at this year’s awards banquet.

Meeting adjourned9:38 pm.


Florida Sportsmens Conservation Association March 24,2015 board meeting minutes; this meeting was held at Red Lobster on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard.

Meeting was called order at 8:02 PM

Old Business

1. Broward County Airboat and Halftrack Conservation Club Airboat show Todd reported we sold $383 worth of tickets, and Brett Holcombe was the basket of cheer winner. FSCA also received a $100 donation.  It was an awesome show and Gladesmen corner was a big hit thanks to Roy Booth Sr. and Junior for bringing down their Model A Buggy’s congratulations to Roy Sr for winning best of show.


2. WRAC/REC meeting Mark reported at the meeting there was talk about having another meeting to discuss the signs on the Kissimmee River PUA. Where we can go over maps to discuss placement of where the signs need to go before October 2015.


3. FWC Bear management staff is meeting with stakeholders Todd and Bishop were invited one of the discussions was to have FSCA sign onto the plan to hold a hunt in 2015.


4. Treasure report Caroll was out of town so there was no report.


New Business

1. Club property chairman Billy Boatwright reported that he is moving forward and putting up gates, we can then put up the shed and store some of FSCA property. We’re looking to set telephone polls with pipe gates.


2. YHP tree stands at Istokpoga floodplain Steve Stroh reported that we need to get the stands moved out of there and take them over to Bucks ranch in Okeechobee. The YHP camping trailer must be moved somewhere for the off-season not sure on the location right now.


3. Grassy Island Turkey hunt set for this weekend Huntmaster Bishop Wright reported that all of the youth hunters and guides are set. Looking forward to some awesome weather and another great hunt.


4. FSCA Annual JW Corbett WMA clean up is set for April 19,2015,we need to make a flyer and get the word out so we have good participation. Todd will cook lunch and Joe Pasint is the Chairman we will be meeting and camp B and lunch will be provided by the friends of corporate also at camp B.


6. FSCA Road clean up after a lengthy discussion on the time and place the decision was made to have it on the same day as the April board meeting. We will start road clean up at 5:30 PM dinner will be provided at the Wright house 7 PM Board meeting will follow after dinner on April 28th.


7. Everglades cleanup is set for April 25, 2015 in conservation Area 2, chairman Billy Boatwright reported that he’s got permission from South Florida Water Management District and everything is set as planed, just trying to get the word out at this point so I have a lot of volunteers.


8. Annual Awards Banquet is set for May 9, 2015 we are planning to give each of our Youth Day sponsors and award this year so they can display at their place of business.


9. South Florida Fair 2016 this year’s Chairman will be Terrylynn Boatwright, we discussing several different things for the booth.


10. Mud Race Laura McWatters is looking into a new way to raise money and is going to work with FWC and others involved with Mud Racing.


11. Todd is working with FWC law-enforcement to start some summer details to control the of the off-road abuse in the JW Corbett WMA. The new rule will take effect July 1, 2015 which will help stop a lot of the off-road abuse, even though a handful of users are not happy with the rule it seems like the majority are looking forward to seeing how well it will work.


Meeting adjourned 9:15 pm.

Florida Sportsmens Conservation Association February 2015 minutes

Regular meeting was held at F W C headquarters on Northlake Boulevard; Meeting was called order at 7:34 PM 

 Pledge of allegiance was first on the agenda

 Motion made to approve last months meeting minutes was made by Mike Prince and seconded by Lauresa Musgrove

 Bishop reported on FAA’s quarterly meeting held at the boars last month. FAA Airboaters Unity Weekend is set for Lake Okeechobee July 17-19 this will be yet another great weekend for airboaters from around the state! The FAA raffle motor is going around to different events it will be raffled off March 22 at the Broward show. FAA’s next quarterly meeting will be held on April 10th at 7:30 PM Lake Tiger campground in the rec Hall you can come by boat or vehicle.

 Todd reported on the previous FWC meeting; The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will meet on Feb. 4-5 in Jacksonville at the Hyatt Regency. He presented Chris Wynn the Florida Sportsmen’s Conservation Association annual award. Majority of the day was discussion about Florida black bear management and future actions. In 1994 bear hunting in Florida or stop because of politics not for a biological reason today F W C staff recommended a 20% reduction of the Florida black bear. 

 Commissioners also approved the proposed rules which also included the JW Corbett rule that FSCA created that should stop the off-road abuse that as occurred during the Summer months, also vote on establishing Deer Management Units statewide and increasing hunting opportunities by establishing longer hunting hours for turkey season.

 Billy Boatwright reported on the ECC meeting the main topic and large proportion of the meeting was the River of Grass Green way this is a trail “that is proposed” to run along Tamiami Trail through the Big Cypress. The fears is it will limit access for traditional use, ever one is concerned about bike path built on a levee sportsmen use for camping and a bridge crossing along the Tamiami Canal this would interfere with those who use it to access the backcountry. The next ECC meeting will be held at the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge at 6:30 pm. the entire agenda will focus on refuge issues. A buggy tour of the refuge is scheduled for those able to arrive early.

 Bishop discuss the Everglade Youth Camp: I need to get together and establish the team to repair and rebuild EYCC swamp buggy ASAP. We’re also in desperate need to scan photos for the cabin five Museum, Laura is to check on her scanner and make sure it’s working properly so we can schedule this meeting to occur.

 New business and upcoming events

 YHPF Youth Hunt in Dupuis WEA on Feb 20-23 for Gators Kerry Garceau is the Huntmaster this hunt provides three youth hunters opportunity to harvest their very first alligator. FWC has provided him with the list of kids that were drawled from the quota he has his guides and everything set and ready to make this happen.

 YHPF Youth Hunt in Grassy Island on Feb 20-23 for Gators Billy Boatwright is the Huntmaster this hunt provides three youth hunters opportunity to harvest their very first wild hog. FWC has provided him with the list of kids that were drawled from the quota he has his guides and everything set and ready to make this happen.

 Panther meeting on Feb 24 in Gainesville Todd will be attending and will be giving us a report at the next meeting.

 YHPF Youth Hunt in STA 2 on March 6-8 for Gators Lauresa Musgrove is the Huntmaster this hunt provides five youth hunters opportunity to harvest their very first alligator. FWC has provided her with the list of kids that were drawled from the quota she has her guides and everything set and ready to make this happen, Old Glory will be the camp post for this hunt.

 YHPF Youth Hunt in Grassy Island on March 27-29 for Turkeys and Hogs Paul Hickman is the Huntmaster this hunt provides five youth hunters opportunity to harvest a wild turkey and hog. At this time he is lining up all of his guides and everything he needs to get the job done.

 South Florida Water Management District Water Resources Advisory Commission (WRAC) Recreation Issues Workshop March 16,2015 at 5:00 PM held in West Palm Beach

 Broward County Airboat & Halftrack Conservation Club is having its Airboat Show at Bergeron Rodeo Grounds in Dave, FL. If you are interested in  participating get with Todd Hallman to help man FSCA’s booth at the show. 

 Florida Airboat Association quarterly meeting will April 10,2015 at the South end of Lake Tiger come by vehicle or boat to Camp Tiger 1731 Sam Keen Rd, Lake Wales, FL 33898 from 7pm-9pm on Friday 

 Kissimmee River Valley Sportsmens Association Lake Kissimmee Clean up out of Shady Oaks Campground south end of Lake Kissimmee members are encouraged to participate 

FLORIDA SPORTSMEN’S CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION 20th ANNUAL CORBETT CLEANUP & COOKOUT.  Joe Pasint is the chairman of this event he is currently working with F W C and Keep Palm Beach County beautiful so we can have our Earth Day status for this event. Yes that’s right this will be the 20th year the FSCA has come together to cleanup J W Corbett Wildlife Management Area.  With your continued support & volunteerism, the Membership of FSCA we are still in existence 20 years later, and yes this is something we as FSCA volunteer are all be very proud of J W Corbett Clean Up Earth Day.

 Earth Day in the Everglades is still in the planning stages were working on a structure to be removed on April 25, 2015 Billy Boatwright and Tom Schmidt is the chairman and there working with the South Florida Water Management District o what structures can be removed and what structures have to stay.

 FSCA Banquet May 9, 2015 Caroll will check with Nikki on the availability of the Elks Lodge in Jupiter looking to do pretty much the same as in the past years. Right now save the date and more information will be coming.

 Elections were held for the 2015 officers and board members.

 The meeting was adjourned at 9:15

 >’`·._ .·´¯FSCA,’`·._ .·´ February Board Meeting`·._ .·´¯>
Board meeting was held at Red Lobster Wednesday, February 24,2015. Thank you to Red Lobster who was very understanding to the FSCA meeting room needs. 

Pres. Todd Hallman called the meeting to order at 7:01pm. and nominations for the chairman was made they were Rachel Stroh, Scott Sommers, Steve Stroh, and Billy Boatwright. Balance were passed out and everyone voted the winner was Billy Boatwright congratulations to him he is now chairman of the board for 2015.
Because there was no agenda we did a roundtable discussion where everyone participated.
Todd Hallman started with discussions about Bear trash cans in areas of Florida that have Bear problems. FSCA has been approached by one of its members that has developed a bear proof trash can and has asked if FSCA would like to be involved with patting and marketing. The board is interested and asked Todd to bring back more information and likes the idea of this being a funding source for the club in the future.
Thanks to Mark Dombroski and South Florida Water Management staff along with the Youth Hunting Program of Florida for all of their effort and the success of the first Youth Alligator hunt on Dupuis WEA. Todd reported that all three boys were successful in harvesting their first gator the weather was great and the event went without a hitch. Thanks to staff speakers, Jim Schuette, Valerie Sparling and officier Phillip Stone did an exceptional job and we couldn’t be happeir with their enthusiasm towards the hunt. Congratulations to Kerry Garceau on his first Huntmaster Youth Hunt.

Tom talked on the upcoming Palm Beach Airboat Show Laurie and him were setting up on Friday night we would sell a basket of cheers for raffle, the usual one dollar each or six for five. Billy, Terrlynn, Steve, and Rachel would work Saturday on Sunday Tom, Laura, Bishop and Mike Prince would work. 

Tom also talked about the carport for the property and the gates; The club has little money in the bank and would like to try and get some work done on the property starting with the gates and putting up the carport would be this year’s goal. 

The previous youth sponsored by the Okeechobee Airboat Association were Billy was the Huntmaster! The club felt a little education would go along ways some of the things talked about was menu items and how the dinner was prepared. There was a motion made by John and seconded by Rachel to also supply the club with six T-shirts for those from OAA for volunteering.

Lauresa commented on the youth alligator hunt that will Take place March 6 through the 8 on STA 2, The hosts camp will be Old Glory there is discussion items needed and staff that would assist her with this Hunt.

Scott discuss the master training class that will take place at the Youth Camp March 14. FWC Will be introducing the new youth hunt Cordinator Jonathan Roberts and go over the plans for 2015/16 hunting season.

Everyone decided that we were rebook the Red Lobster meeting room for March 24, 2015 for the next Board Meeting. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45