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We meet 7:30 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Building located on the north side of Northlake Blvd. one mile west of Beeline Highway.

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FSCA Annual Youth Day 2016

16th Annual Outdoor Youth Day

The Florida Sportsmen’s Conservation Association has always been on the front line when it comes to youth outdoor activities, they’re always finding ways that attract youth out of the city to enjoy the Woods.

The Everglades Youth Camp is a such an important resource in FSCA quest for educating and immersing the general public in outdoor adventure and conservation education activities.

FSCA has been an highly engaged partner of EYCC and FSCA would like to commend the clubs and individual members on such a successful event and volunteers were exceptional. Words cannot explain how successful and well run this event is after 16 years this is a must see and something, you need to put on your calendar for 2017 the first Saturday in February.

This step forward in identifying the value of the strong relationships between the different stakeholders of the EYCC to promote the important agenda of reconnecting children and families with our very unique ecosystem and Florida’s outdoor recreation activities.

Kids and their families enjoyed a whirlwind of outdoor activities in a short period of time like airboat and swamp buggy rides, hiking, canoeing, pony rides, fishing, firing guns and other outdoor activities at Outdoor Youth Day in the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area.

FSCA is glad to see boys and girls involved in the nature-related activities instead of plugged into the electronic world of games and the Internet. What started as a small fundraiser for Florida Sportsmen’s Conservation Association, a group that works to keep public land open for outdoor recreation, has mushroomed into a one-day outdoor fest which kids and their families can sample a variety of outdoor endeavors for a $10 admission fee. FSCA had 1,021 participants attended Saturday’s event, based at the Everglades Youth Conservation Camp in the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area in northern Palm Beach County.

Todd Hallman, president of the FSCA, which worked with other outdoor recreation groups to produce this year’s event.

Thank its corporate sponsors who helped pay for expensive items such as fuel for the airboats and swamp buggies, and about 150 volunteers worked this year to bring the activities to kids and their families.

The combination of sponsors and volunteer labor makes Outdoor Youth Day affordable.

Check out the Flipagram FSCA has put together for you to enjoy:


 President’s Thank You

To all who participated; members, sponsors, and volunteers of FSCA Outdoor Youth Day 
I want to thank each and every one of you. Without your support this event could not have happened. 
It was great to see parents bringing their children outdoors and experiencing new adventures that hopefully will leave a lasting memory of a lifetime. There is so much to enjoy about the outdoors and the FSCA tries to show just a little of what can be done.
I hope that you take this experience and share it with your friends and other family members throughout the year.
We hope to see everyone next year at our Outdoor Youth Day, as FSCA members will be working hard to make improvements on what we learned this year and implement it into next year’s event.
The FSCA will also be working hard with government agencies throughout the year to complete our mission statement as we have over the past 22 years.

Youth Sponsor;
Murray Powell
Jupiter Island Pools
Sebring Custom Tanning
Boca Small Engines
Hadden Landscape
Burck Oil
Carrie and Mike Muldoon
Oceanside Truck and Trailer
Bob Kline Quality Metals 
Southern Life Taxidermy

Youth Conservationist Sponsor;
Loxahatchee Fertilizer
Paul Zelisko 
Reliable Automotive
Expediter Inc.
Summer Outdoors
Suncoast Yacht Services
Palm Beach Spine
Alken Irrigation 
RPH Home Improvements 
Barefoot Tile & Stone
Sean McCann

Hobo’s Kitchen 
Youth Program Sponsor;
Everglades Coordinating Council 
Varley Gratham
Safari Club International South Florida Chapter
Mako Hose & Rubber 
G & B Gator Gear LLC
Dream Builders Sponsor;
Larry Daniels
Everglades Youth Conservation Camp
Challenger Gift;
Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida
Again Thank You for everyone’s support

Todd Hallman